Multi-Channel Architecture

Targeted for mobile operators, messaging aggregators and solution providers, this architecture enables messaging and communication services based on Mobile Standards (GSMA, 3GPP) as well as popular OTT services such as Line, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. This carrier-grade architecture utilizes modern cloud technologies such as micro-services, containers, API driven services, node.js, conversational chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and is designed for scalable, available, fault-tolerant and redundant. This unique architecture supports messaging and communications needs of both Business to Consumers (B2C) as well as Internet of Things (IoT).

The modular and easy-to-integrate components are the key to deploy in a timely manner to enable digital transformation of messaging and communications services. The nimbus solutions, powered by this architecture are the result of Ecrio's breakthrough efforts to evolve the legacy of 2G/3G messaging and communication solutions to an open distributed, cloud-based implementations for messaging and communications with the following key attributes:

Scalable – The services and components are designed to scale horizontally or vertically depending upon the service needs and configurations.
Modular – Pick and build modules and components based on what services (B2C, IoT) to be enabled and based on the delivery mechanisms (RCS, OTT) that are available or desirable.
Distributed – For optimal use of micro services and containers, the components can be distributed and executed.
Optimized – Compact, low memory foot print signaling and media stacks that allow multiple instances to be created on the fly in containers.
Secured – Utilizes standard compliant SSL-based connections and access to various API gateways, also uses standard techniques such as OAUTH.
Robust & Proven – Ecrio nimbus A2P and IoT solutions are powered by Ecrio iota product that’s deployed in products worldwide. Several leading industry players in the B2C and IoT industry choose the nimbus solutions.
Tested – Ecrio solutions are tested with network infrastructure elements (IOT) at leading industry events and at mobile operator labs, applying stringent mandatory test cases for messaging and communications.
Future Proof – Embraces advances in conversational messaging in B2C and IoT such as Chatbots, AI/ML Algorithms (Object detection, Object Recognition, etc.) so as to allow Smart Messaging and Communications among Things and People.