FlexIMSTM Architecture

Targeted for mobile operators, device and chipset platform providers, this unique architecture enables VoLTE, Video Calling and companion Rich Communication Suite (RCS) services to be implemented with the flexibility to distribute functionalities across the LTE Baseband Processor, the Application Processor and the Cloud to meet low power consumption and latency requirements. The FlexIMS Architecture simultaneously addresses the challenges of Scalability, Modularity and Carrier Grade Quality demanded by our customers in the deployment of 4G/LTE IP communication services.

FlexIMS is the result of Ecrio's breakthrough efforts to evolve the legacy of closed Circuit Switched voice calling device architecture to an open distributed Packet Switched architecture for Voice and Video Calling with the following key attributes:

  • Scalable - On-Device Support for multiple simultaneous IMS services, with single registration with the network and associated signaling and media routing flexibility

  • Modular - Pick and build SMS, Voice, Video and RCS/RCS-e functions facilitated by the modular design and implementation of the standards-compliant components and protocol stacks

  • Distributable Architectures - For optimal latency and power consumption

  • Multimedia Optimized - Compact, low memory foot print media stacks, sophisticated dynamic jitter buffer, multimedia synchronization and pluggable codecs at run time

  • Secure - Utilizes standard compliant UICC based Security as well as supports Generic Authentication Architecture procedures such as GBA

  • Robust & Proven - Ecrio Mobile Communications Client Suite (MCCS) built on the FlexIMS Architecture has been commercially deployed and runs on Real Time Operating Systems for Baseband Processors, as well as on General Purpose Operating Systems inclusive of Android, Windows, and Linux

  • Tested - MCCS is tested with network infrastructure elements (IOT) at leading industry events and at mobile operator labs, applying stringent mandatory test cases for normal and abnormal network conditions