Cirrus – IoT Gateway

Ecrio’s Cirrus provides a disruptive approach to implementing IoT solutions. Available as a complete solution tailored for gateway type internet devices, Cirrus delivers management and control of IoT endpoints such as Thermostats, Lights, Security components like door locks, door and window sensors, as well as Video Cameras. It supports PAN connections over Zigbee, Z-Wave, Low Power WiFi, Low Power Bluetooth, and 6LowPAN.

A companion client application for mobile devices on IOS, Android and Windows operating systems offers users the ability to interact with the IoT end-points from anywhere. Users have the flexibility of monitoring all IoT devices at home, obtaining status update notifications, change settings, control operation directly or through friendly rules that can be created on the fly.

Designed as a white labeled product for Service Providers, it is compliant to GSMA’s IR.92 VoLTE, IR.94 Video and RCS standards and offers high degree of UI customization.

Cirrus is built on Ecrio’s patented & proven FlexIMS™ architecture and operator certified MCCS framework to deliver a robust & inter operable OTT client.

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