nimbus A2P

Messaging as a Platform (MaaP)

Enables Brands and Businesses to deliver Rich A2P Messaging over a Mobile Operator’s Network

Application to Person (A2P) Messaging is exploding with more than 1.6 Trillion SMS delivered in 2016 (Notifications, Alerts, Appointments, Search, Marketing, Promotion, …). Today’s carrier A2P messaging are delivered via Legacy 2G & 3G and limited to SMS and MMS. They do not and are not set up to utilize the Enhanced and Rich Messaging technologies (RCS) available in Mobile Operator networks (Multi Media, Conversational Messaging, Rich Cards, Chatbots, …).  

There is a huge opportunity for Businesses, Messaging Platform Providers and Mobile Operators to migrate legacy A2P messaging to the less expensive, more secure, efficient and feature rich RCS A2P. Ecrio, with its vast experience in deploying IMS and RCS based solutions, uniquely enables this migration via nimbus.

nimbus A2P is an advanced cloud based Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) solution that enables Businesses to engage with consumers over the standard-based carrier channel – RCS. Using Chatbots, consumers gain direct access to a range of Application to Person (A2P) Messaging services from their native messenger. nimbus A2P offers Businesses the flexibility of selecting "best of breed" Chatbot/AI and NLP platforms. It also connects to the popular OTT Messaging platforms giving Businesses a true omni-channel access to their consumers.

Benefits to Brands: Increase Loyalty and Better Customer Engagement

Benefits to Messaging Platform Providers:  Provide additional value to Brands and Businesses enabling use cases that will grow exponentially the A2P Messaging market

Benefits to Mobile Operators: Additional Sources of Monetization without investment in their network

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