The Ecrio Mobile Communications Client Suite (MCCS) transforms everyday applications into communication-rich applications. The MCCS framework reduces the complexity and effort required to integrate rich communication functions to applications ranging from Voice and SMS to video telephony, content sharing, social communications and enterprise solutions. The core communications functions of the framework are compliant with 3GPP, OMA, IETF, GSMA, CTIA and other relevant industry standards. The framework also enables applications that support major industry initiatives such as GSMA Voice over LTE (VoLTE, based on IR.92), Rich Communication Suite (RCS) and Rich Communication Suite Advanced Communication Services (RCS-e).

At the core of the Ecrio MCCS Framework is a set of high-value communication capabilities delivering both existing messaging and calling functions and the latest in rich IP communications. These core communication enablers and application engines are compliant with industry standards, tested and proven in demanding network and operating environments. These core functions provide essential communications service capabilities such as:

  • Voice Calling: Standard voice, Voice over IP calling over IMS, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

  • SMS over IP Messaging over IMS

  • Packet Switched Video Telephony including 2-way Video Calling

  • Situation Awareness: Real-time presence, capabilities, and location for contacts

  • Enhanced Messaging: Both standard and advanced IP messaging including conversational messaging

  • Sharing: Real-time, person-to-person video, image, and file sharing

  • The Ecrio Mobile Communications Client Suite is highly modular and made up of a suite of Frameworks that enable development of one or more of the above communications services.