Michel Gannage

Founder and CEO

Michel is a Senior Technology Executive & Entrepreneur, with a strong experience in the semiconductor and mobile industry and an in-depth understanding of the communication and messaging software. As one of the founders of Ecrio, Michel has been involved with the company since its inception and became its CEO in 2011. He is currently responsible for developing and implementing the company strategy and managing its overall sales and operations. During his early tenure at Ecrio, he managed international business, OEM/ODM relationships, strategic partnerships, and was actively involved in product planning and sales strategy. Prior to joining Ecrio, Michel co-founded Nexcom (sold to ISSI), and served as VP Engineering and Operations. Prior to that, he held various engineering and management positions at Catalyst, Exel and Intel where he was responsible for the first Ethernet 802.11 Layer 2/3 implementation. Michel received BS Engg. degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris, and an MS in EECS from Princeton University, and holds 9 patents.

Dr. Krishnakumar Narayanan

CTO, Vice President of Engineering

Krishna has over 25 years of experience in software architecture, development, delivery & customer support. As part of the founding team of Ecrio, Krishna is heading the geographically distributed engineering team of senior directors, managers and architects responsible for Ecrio products and services. Under his leadership, the team designed, developed and launched commercial products including Push-To-Talk Over Cellular, VoLTE and RCS Software for Tier-1 mobile operator networks. He was instrumental in architecting the patented FlexIMSTM technology. Prior to joining Ecrio, he developed software and firmware for an intelligent server monitoring device at Mirapoint, Inc. At Silicon Graphics, he led a team of engineers in the mid-range graphics workstations group. Mr. Narayanan started his career as a principal engineer at DEC, designing advanced graphics and image processing algorithms for hardware-based graphics accelerators.  Krishna received a B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, and a Ph.D in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. He holds 5 patents.

Vikram Karmarkar

Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development

Vikram is a Senior Executive with a strong experience in the mobile industry, an in-depth understanding of its ecosystem and deep relationships with Tier 1 Mobile Operators and their wireless partners. As part of the founding team of Ecrio, Vikram is currently responsible for alliances and commercial relationships with Tier 1 mobile operators and their ecosystem.  During his tenure at Ecrio, he has held various executive positions, including head of Systems Engineering, head of Product Management and Product Marketing. Prior to joining Ecrio, Vikram held various engineering and management positions at Lucent, Bell Labs and AT&T where he launched the first multi-gigabit IP Switch and the first internet directory product. Vikram started his career at HCL as a founding member of the R&D team that developed the indigenous business-computer. He is a Member of MOSAIC, the Expert Group at Pacific Crest Securities (now Keybank) and strategy advisor on emerging technologies. Vikram received a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Iowa.

Lina Martin

Vice President of Finance

Lina is a well-rounded Senior Executive with a strong background in Finance, Accounting, & HR. At Ecrio, Lina manages all aspects of Finance, Accounting and Operations for the company and its subsidiaries, including fund raising and investor relations.  Prior to joining Ecrio, Lina served as Corporate Controller at gForce Systems and Decisive Technology where she managed the finance and accounting teams working closely with other executives to execute the operating strategy and ultimate sale of both companies.  Lina has also held various finance/accounting positions with Micro Focus, Varian Associates, and Capcom. Ms. Martin holds a B.B.A. in Accounting from Iowa State University and pursued graduate studies (MBA program) at Drake University.