A global leader in Messaging and Communications, Ecrio enables Digital Transformation for Carriers with state-of-the-art Cloud and IoT Technologies. Ecrio’s B2C Messaging, based on GSMA standards, enhances customer experience, bringing engagement to a totally new level with immersive experience and rich interactive messaging. It connects to the popular OTT Messaging platforms giving businesses an omni-channel access to their consumers. Ecrio’s IoT Messaging platform connects Things with People via 2-way rich interactions using the Messaging App.

Ecrio is also a leading provider of IP based Communications client software for connected devices such as Phones, Tablets, Modules and Gateways. Ecrio offers a comprehensive suite of standards compliant Solutions including Messaging, Voice (VoLTE), Video (ViLTE) and RCS Solutions. Built on the patented FlexIMSTM Architecture, and shipped in over 100 Million devices, Ecrio’s client software can be distributed across the Baseband Processor and the Application Processor, yielding optimal media latency and lower power consumption in Smartphones, 4G/5G Gateways and resource limited IoT devices.

With headquarters in Cupertino and offices in Japan, Korea and India, Ecrio’s global support team works closely with customers in the US, EU, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Israel.